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PSA: Observing Laws Vigilantly in Roundabouts to Protect All Users

· Two Wheels Defending

At approximately 11:30 a.m. on Sunday morning, June 2, I was traversing the roundabout with my mother on our bicycles when a large tan Buick sedan license#_________ raced aggressively into the roundabout violating speed limits and failed to yield properly to us stopping only at the last moment within far less than one meter of our persons (a violation of local laws as well as international norms) as we were riding in the clearly marked crossing zone.

It was very clear to us that the driver of the motor vehicle should be fined or at the very least formally warned for not only failing to observe the law but also for not vigilantly valuing our human right especially at this time of day in this town to not be exposed to polluting and harming energies of the V-8 fossil-fuel combustion engines racing carelessly and stopping recklessly within the meter rule of undefended infra users, including bicyclists and pedestrians in roundabouts.

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