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PSA on Proper, Safe and Healthy Riding Techniques

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On the eve of the Fourth of July and riding and commuting deep into summer, we see a lot of poor technique on the trails and roads that can lead to accidents, injuries and poor health.

After seeing a new rider to climb up a hill on a bicycle, the following thoughts based on education and year’s of experience came to mind to benefit readers as well with enlightened writing that can be found in more detail in my latest book, Cycling and Prolifics in Life at 10,000 Miles, including guidelines and tips from a lifetime rider, NBC champion and commuter:

1. Steer with two hands. Holding a smartphone in one hand leads to less efficient and unsafe, unpredictable steering, veering and climbing that can lead to more accidents with inattentive drivers nearby...

2. Before ascending any hill check your cadence, i.e., your quantity of rotations per minute and downshift based on the gradient of the hill to climb comfortably, safely and healthy.

Needless strain on knees and hips, etc., can lead to fatigue and injury as well as unnecessary wear and tear on your bicycle.

You senses can be your friend when you hear the strain on your machine or feel your body parts stressed take appropriate preventive measures and to plan ahead before the climb as you approach.

Once you have mastered this skill, you may power over the top upshifting if you choose.

3. Wear, for example, a bicycle jersey with pockets on the back for convenient and aerodynamic storage of accessories including a smartphone, change and keys ...

4. Wearing a helmet, especially when riding in traffic with automobiles, significantly reduces the risk of injury from colliding with cars due to inattentiveness or other illegal actions of drivers.


5. Look at the height of the bicycle seat or saddle at the right level so that your legs are almost straight when the pedal is at the lowest position to the ground of your pedal rotations to prevent unnecessary strain on knees, legs, hips, etc.

6. In summer especially, wear protective glasses from the sun's rays, insects as well as fog.

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