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PSA: Proportionate Spending on Street and Highway User's Safety 

· Two Wheels Defending

The latest report on highway and street safety fatalities in the US is troubling because it uncovers unfair and unjust discriminatory spending practices by state and local governments.

Data shows that 18 percent of fatality victims are bicycle, pedestrian or other non-auto users. However, only 1 percent of federal safety dollars are used by state and local governments to ensure protection through safe and separate infrastructure for this growing majority of users.

Grossly disproportionate spending making matters far worse as state and local governments are not protecting the rights and safety of non-auto street and highway users by planning, developing and implementing proportionate safe and separate infrastructure for these growing numbers of non-auto users as guaranteed by ERA.

State and local planners increase vehicle registration fees and rest on laurels of traditional projects that increase harmful emissions much more can be done for emerging and growing numbers of non-auto street and highway users, including encouraging and working positively, professionally and conscientiously to serve these tax paying citizens that do much to protect our natural resources in their daily activities as well as for reasons, including improving one’s own health and wellness.

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