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PSA: Rejecting Wheeler Nomination for EPA Administrator

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Dear US Senators,


In the upcoming confirmation vote to confirm the nomination of Andrew Wheeler as EPA Administrator, we respectfully request that based on Mr. Wheeler's record as interim EPA Administrator as well as his background as a defacto coal and automobile lobbyist, you vote not to confirm him as EPA administrator due to ongoing criminal and irresponsible increases in coal, oil and natural gas production on his watch.


Coal as well as internal-combustion car engines are known to be two of the chief-culprit emitters of hazardous and harmful carbon emissions that are now known to cause increases in respiratory and cardiovascular diseases as well as premature asthma and bronchial illnesses and disease among small children.


Electrification of the car industry at the current slow pace would still leave 85 percent in the next few years continuing to emit these lethal emissions from carbon-combustion engines, according to global reports.


EPA is the defense for our liberty and pursuit of happiness that require healthy drinking water, soil, and clean air as well and a critical and necessary check in our times of negligent and corrupt politics related to our environmental security from unthinking, inhuman market forces spurred on by corrupt, ignorant criminal leadership.


European countries, especially Germany, have recently decided to discontinue coal production in the next 20 years due to soundly heeding warnings of growingly dangerous environmental threats proven with sound, objective scientific facts that are the framework for the UN Climate-Change Structure.


This structure also mandates cutting carbon emissions, such as coal, significantly to meet the goal of 1.5-degree increases from pre-Industrial levels of Earth's temperature to ensure our short-term prosperity and defense from increasing in intensity and in frequency weather events resulting from carbon emissions that that lethally and criminally destroy Earth's ozone's moderating influences on climate.


However, the current US administration has illegally and irresponsibly lead increases in fossil-fuel production and use ignoring these warnings and mandates of sound science as a steward for our real security, prosperity and posterity.


Plans to further increase, coal, oil and natural gas must not be implemented in violation of the UN Climate-Change structure that requires ongoing reductions and leaderships that lead in this urgent and pressing regard to provide us with security of clean air, water and soil and a pleasantly habitable planet in the near term for our children and their children as well.


There is more than enough energy for all of our growing needs in smart, renewable energy sources with improving technology, including reserve storage and less intermittency, as well as research and implementation of more refined fossil fuels, including patching methane leaks and reducing diesel to more refined and far less lethal sources.




Richard Sleder


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