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PSA: Riding Safely on Ice in Winter

· Two Wheels Defending,Winter Cycling

Recently, I commuted along the path after snowfall and warming. I traveled relatively easily and not quickly around the corners where black ice hid under the snow. With winter tires on low pressure, I was able to drive on the ice without incident, all the more so at a low cautious speed.

Dear readers, do not forget to relieve tire pressure before winter rides. And use winter spiked-tires on ice for safety.

If you see a lot of ice, you can teach your local officials how to clean snow in a proper and timely manner, slush and water so that the roads and paths are clear without ice all year. Photography helps to maintain an argument with officials.

There are many reasons for ice, including water and slush not being cleaned up in a timely manner before freezing temperatures as well as designing and building roads and paths without slightly pitched centers to direct water to flow to the sides with better drainage that leaves surfaces clear, dry and safe.

In this way, road and path infrastructure would require less attention and become more economical, cleaner and safer for all users yearound.

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