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Pushing Through Climate Change for the Better in Colder Climates

2019 is the year to reverse dangerous increases in fossil-fuel production with more resources and attention to accelerating eTransportation infrastructure development where fossil-fuel burning vehicles are a leading culprit of climate change and research uncovers more startling statistics that threaten our quality of life and prosperity.

Means may be found through further taxing polluters at the source for harming our health and environment as we tax smokers and drinkers with sin taxes for their cost to our medical system.

New research, for example, indicates that mercury levels double in thawing water in arctic permafrost regions as a result of ongoing global warming from deteriorating ozone due to increasing carbon emissions.

Estimates indicate that up to 90,000 tonnes of mercury will likely be added to thawing water in permafrost regions but only 5 percent of total mercury currently frozen in arctic tundra.

Thawing ice is also a source of methane and carbon pollution which needs to be accounted for in a truer accountancy of our carbon budget as permafrost continues to thaw due to global warming.

Social networking technology, especially Twitter, displays poor problem solving FAQs to solve problems effectively and quickly and as a result often times poorly represents visually individuals and companies and waists time. They also perform inconsistently.

New research and policies to reduce harmful diesel emissions should continue but should not take away resources or emphasis on implementation of electrification of modes of transport as the far more efficient and smarter way to meet emissions reductions to defend our prosperity and way of life and not subsidize pollution and inefficiencies as populist leaders yearn to live in past dreams that are not possible in present-day facts.

It would be far less expensive and far more prudent to phase out diesel sooner with electric engines to meet carbon pollution limits and mitigate costs of extreme weather.

With his background in purporting inefficient and poisonous coal industry, including recent increases in coal production, Andrew Wheeler should not be rewarded in the Senate with confirmation as EPA Administrator.

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