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Recycling and Reusing to Benefit our Planet with Lower Emissions

Recycling and reusing materials in production reduces harmful emissions and improves our quality of life.

It is more economical and smarter now to create items that are made from recycled materials.

The UN is also advocating and mandating the use of eco-logic in production cycles especially for better managed and sustained global economy.

In March, the GA will be taking measures to promote eco-logic in fashion and clothing too. What we wear saves the planet.

Decisions made by countries like Taiwan and the UK to replace coal and polluting fossil fuels with cleaner and far more reliable nuclear energy would also reduce harmful emissions and would make energy cheaper for consumers in the long term by reducing costs of climate cleanup.

The lack of free access to reliable facts that can be recreated reliably has been a major obstacle for scientists and researchers who continue to strive to document social problems as well as corresponding solutions to benefit society more.

FAIR data and other new programs would be a step in the direction of correcting this systemic discrimination that would help with providing needed facts for scientists at all levels of society to demonstrate problems and corresponding solutions.

People should have access to free and uncorrupted facts and information to further their own studies in various pursuits.

If the data is open and transparent to the public as well as decision-makers, then scientists and researchers have a reputation and interest to publish the right facts and information too.

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