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Reducing Carbon Emissions Best Way to Reduce SLR and Improve Air, Soil and Water Quality

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New gap reporting should be used widely be people in the run up to elections. Together we can attribute and account and achieve these reductions with will of new election results that puts in the face of candidates harder choices that demand guarantees.

Emissions gap reporting from the UN now warns of 7 degree F temperature increases by end of century citing over-convenienced, isolated procrastination and lethargy of leaders to find will to cut greenhouse gas emissions as they only way to avert ongoing increasing calamities causing harm, suffering and death to millions annually and needlessly.

2020 crystal-clear, straight-shooting demands unprecedented 7.6 percent cuts in emissions in the spirit of independence from our increasingly uninhabitable surroundings.

Last year’s 2.7 increase in carbon emissions in the US only exacerbates the problem and causes far more harm and suffering to the many when we have the scale of economy and technology to lead carbon reduction responsibly worldwide, including oversight.

History will recall this US administration’s criminal handling and ignorant and squeamish disacknowledgements of fat larks gathering dust and bursting egos at moribund show trials while we walk, work, ride and labor on.

Likely most ominous and foreboding is Earth history's stark lesson that our current level of carbon dioxide in earth's atmosphere SLR was 10 to 20 m higher...

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