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Replacing Top-Tier, Blacktopped Street Surfaces with More Durable eMaterials

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Hammersley Road east of Gilbert Road and other top-tier streets continue to be in disrepair that causes ongoing, unnecessary wear and tear on all vehicles using the road as well as pedestrians, cyclists and other users' joints, ligaments and equipment (see photo at the top of ongoing crumbling cheap blacktop).

Repaving should now include in our time of changing climate and improving road surfaces, superiorly durable and cost-effective plastics that also win our popular UN-led war on recycling and reusing plastics worldwide as well as saving money on maintenance for users as well as savings for city taxpayers.

Plastics are now being used to resurface roads in Europe and other parts of our world because they are more durable and have a much smaller carbon footprint to produce as well as taking ugly and harmful plastics out of landfills and off of beaches, and to better use in a healthier and better managed sustainable, circular economy.

The below link references using plastics to repave road surfaces:

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