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Researching Forward to Change for the Better in Climate Sciences and Mental Health

Much can be done for those suffering from alzheimer's, dementia, bipolar and other mental illnesses.

Closing text books of the early and mid 20th century and learning from our mistakes is an important first step.

Today new research shows clearly the mutual healthy, beneficial and productive relationship between physical exercise and cognition.

It is not only being proven that exercise increases the health and number of neurons but more importantly that cognition during physical exercise demonstrates even greater success in building strong and healthy relationships between neurotransmitters that lead to significantly improved mental health among practitioners in various environments and circumstances.

Based on findings treatments for these illnesses should include more physical exercise.

Arguments for reducing deadly carbon emissions must also include economic and educational ones as well as environmental. Adaptation, mitigation and finance together can help us reach Paris Accord goals.

Carbon reduction, storage and recycling programs bring new jobs in sustainability approaches that are important to highlight and fight for. Public opinion often finds environmentalists as too radical and strong in their opinions and ostracized from mainstream politics.

There is also the fault of scientists and other advocates that fail to make more dynamic arguments that incorporate different public opinion to ultimately win support for projects.

Farmers typically apply ammonia that mixes with water to create nitrogen as fertilizer for crops but more than half washes away from the plants without benefit to them and causing increasing greenhouse gases.

Farmers also apply potash that mixes with water to form phosphorus or ash. This could also be collected from burnings to add in a more circular economy rather than purchasing potash granules.

But much of the phosphorus goes unused by plants and washes away to cause algae blooms and other organisms.

Newly developing controlled release fertilizers are improving on this dilemma to protect our environment as well as improve crop production for farmers.

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