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Responding to Climate-Change Dangers

· Two Wheels Defending

Two wheels can be used to generate impenetrable defense in terms of planning for and mitigating costs of increasing emissions and their increasingly destructive and harmful effects on our society in the time of climate change.

Only through riding in plein air and thoroughly understanding elements of various infrastructure and how they relate as an ensemble, can one begin to improve planning for and well-being of users. Better to see one time than to hear one hundred times through watered-down intermediary sources.

The recent record rain falls attributed to climate change with prolonged flooding and exposure to water has shown that defective and faulty materials fail to fulfill their functions and cause unnecessary harm and injury as well as unplanned for expenses for repairs as well as cost of time and resources lost burned in transit, etc.

The faulty materials that cannot fulfill their functions in the changing environment of climate change need to be replaced with new materials that can withstand exposure to water for example or proper drainage needs to be installed to provide for safe transit during and after increasingly extreme weather events, including rainfall, in our time of climate change.

Without these changes, users are at greater risk of being injured and communities are also at risk for more liability through poor planning that ignores climate change and even worse exacerbates exorbitantly the effects with continued increases in carbon emissions from recent increases in poorly filtered coal consumption, e.g., proven with new satellite technology.

Carbon emissions need to be drastically reduced in the US and worldwide to meet UN Climate-Change mandated levels with the Paris Agreement, including in transportation, which according to many global sources, accounts for more than half of climate change.

Without stronger regulations with more taxes on all polluters including meaningful increases in taxes on industrial and fossil-fuel polluters forcing them to stop immediately harmful polluting and adapt cleaner technologies as well as more investment in carbon reduction and capture, we risk millions of premature deaths due to pollution as well as trillions of dollars in unnecessary losses from damages caused by increases in intensity of extreme weather events as emissions increase when our current infrastructure is not capable of providing safe, uninhibited travel for example.


Polluters should be presented with ultimatums and just consequences for causing harm to greater society good.

Polluters at all levels need to pay through taxes for the cleanup in the spirit of our country where taxation with representation and just user fees must be mandated for peace, order and continued pursuit of happiness and prosperity.

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