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Riding in the New Year and Editing on the Wheel

The rest of the world is moving along with the UN climate-change structure and implementing regional cooperation networks to improve energy efficiency of renewable, clean energy as prices have dropped to historic lows with further reduced prices expected to benefit users with credits to their accounts in many countries, including the US.

The lies and crimes of deception and irresponsibility of the current US administration’s policies are being exposed on a daily basis as draconian and continue to be amazingly out-of-touch with the spirit and realities of our times as we build more clean jobs and industries in the face of gusting headwinds from ignorant and resistant policymakers in the US that should be isolated and removed from positions of power for their unprofessionalism, deception, gross negligence and unfair personal investment practices benefiting unfairly and illegally individuals in positions of power and influence.

The benefits of cleaner energy imposed with tariffs and emissions taxes are superior to the increasing destruction, death, pain and suffering from harmful and criminal policies that increase fossil-fuel production and use.

The US administration has also failed to deliver on its promise to reduce the budget deficit as global reports show an approximately 10 percent increase to 23 trillion since President Trump took office.


There is no place for these leaders to hide now as global economic and environmental forces exert superior force in favor of the overwhelming majority of residents worldwide who want change but may benefit very little as leveragers at the top squeeze more and more profits for their own inflated egos.

Leaders in climate change now include Germany which in addition to unveiling cutting edge emission-free technology in rail recently set the nation-wide goal of 100% renewable energy use by 2050.


These leaders conscientiously and caringly understand that pollution and carbon emissions reduce the value of their resources and quality of life of their people in a more open and competitive global economy for knowledge and resources.

The US research base in spite of current policies continues to lead the way with its ability to encourage and thrive on interdisciplinary collaboration and production but is limited by poor policy implementation at various levels of government nationwide due to many following along on the criminal lies of the current leadership and fallacies of false patriotism that stagnates possibilities of positive change for our own people and less for greedy foreign-based conglomerates looking for easy, secure profits.

The US administration should use its leverage in negotiations in bilateral relations especially with Russia, China and India with exorbitantly poor environmental records to require stricter compliance with greener productive methods especially in oil, natural gas, coal and aluminum before granting any reductions in current sanctions for example.

The Senate should block proposals that fail to meet these smart requirements to save our near-term prosperity and happiness and join Europe in this pursuit.

Recent trends against consumers interests are terrifying, for example, in airlines, where only four companies in the US now control 80 percent of the market and make almost USD 23 in profits per passenger, compared with 48 and 8 in Europe, respectively, as systemic prejudices led by out-of-touch larks on egoistic, childish joy rides playing on twitter to stagnate innovative new growth and prosperity instead of welcoming and working with it for more mutual benefit for many.

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