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Riding on to Accomplish

As we fight harder through some rides we continue to gather facts to strengthen our arguments and further our interests or issues for mutual benefit as well as the benefit of many and remember to be clear in our agreements moving forward in these regards and ride on to more accomplishments.


Take time out to celebrate successes too. Not without reward or purpose, I was able garner top spot for commuters in the September Global Challenge as well as rise to 31st position out thousands for companies.


Our work requires focus and patience and self control maintaining composure that is mutual respect that makes the global system function and thrive with the work of everyday contributors.


Consider writing a comment to the EPA in next approximate 60 days regarding relaxing regulations of methane emissions, including from 30-day compliance to 60-day compliance, etc.


Negative emissions technologies fail to address the root causes of carbon emissions in a circular and sound ecological, biological and healthy manner for society in many instances. Nature’s own defenses and abilities to capture carbon could be less expensively and far more healthily harnessed and implemented, for example, through developing more green spaces with mature foliage.


Australia recently joined the US as the only two countries to reject the Paris Accord emissions reductions goals and policies. Without following the 1.5 to 2.0 degree celsius requirement, we irresponsibly and dangerously risk the quality of life for our children and grandchildren as well as our own.


As ecology concerns drive more healthy products to market in the circular, sustainable economy, new ways are developing to insulate buildings from high heat and sunlight, including new paints with polymer substances, e.g., that lower building temperatures by 3 to 6 degrees celsius, by reflecting the sun’s harsh rays away and in turn reduce energy consumption overall by 17 to 21 percent through reductions in air conditioning alone.


Understanding clean air as a universal human right is critical to moving forward with reducing harmful emissions and providing necessary funding instruments and support to new technology, including Flow and similar devices to regularly monitor air quality to ensure that we begin to meet WHO air quality guidelines, etc.


At present 90 percent of people worldwide breath air that is dangerous and has not met these guidelines. More facts from monitoring as well as robust regulation and lobbying of decision makers and key actors would benefit our society more in defending this critical human right that can be seen as a reviving spirit to heal struggling democracies.


More organizations at all levels of government can come forth with stronger statements against deteriorating biodiversity and environment to work together to show people how important nature is to our livelihoods, including endorsing or criticizing various candidates records and actions in such areas in a healthy and positive manner.


We can all learn from the mistakes of the now former GE CEO who gambled and lost heavily billions of dollars on untimely investments in waning fossil fuels in 2015 as well as continuing to perpetuate the inefficiencies and pollutants of gas turbine engines along with corresponding recalls for poor blade workmanship on turbines.

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