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Riding with Gusts to Effect Positive Change

As global scientists we master dynamic means of media, to bring public attention to problems and corresponding solutions in fields that lack strong voice.

Large infrastructure projects are no exception in democracies and must fulfill stringent requirements regarding open reporting and discussion to legitimize projects and to positively effect necessary solutions.

At all levels of government and especially local and state levels where de facto corrupt procurement continues to fail to meet the needs of the people, fairer and more accurate accounting of benefits to limit emissions, and particularly fossil-fuel use, cleaning air, water and soil as well as reducing frequency and magnitude and cost in lives, suffering and destruction of extreme weather events must be implemented in reviewing and in awarding proposals.

Crimes against birds continue, especially in Europe, where up to 36 million birds are shamelessly killed illegally every year due to many reasons, including weak legislation and poor compliance with international norms, where laws value and protect the merits of diverse world wildlife from greed and criminal disrespect to creatures from uncivilized hunters and other criminal development practices.

This week’s much awaited IEA data confirm once again that increased fossil-fuel use is the cause of over 70 percent of increasingly dangerous and lethal global warming that leads to increasing in frequency and in intensity weather events.

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