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Riding with Superior Moral Authority to Win

The role of morality and ethics in eco-transport provides security, stability and confidence to all users, including mentoring.

As we pedal forward, we see helping others through among other things providing for free and clean movement without borders.

In the time of climate change, public and private sectors must work together better to lower emissions and provide more free or low-cost and clean transportation options with infrastructure that meet healthier and far stricter ecological and biological criteria.

Popular culture and media should include more moral content in the area and less lampooning to promote positive change for our well-being.

Policies should be evidence based and not tainted by narrow special interests of a very few that continually hurt our society.

Renewable energy may be the primary solution to our problem of increasing emissions and deteriorating living conditions that can also provide environmental and economic sustainability for societies worldwide.

Growing stubborn and ignorant special interests that continually fail to build the foundation of our future with robust, harmonious and holistic eco-transportation infrastructure networks that protect and defend our way of life and ensure prosperity should not be confirmed or allowed to implement their agendas that fail to benefit our society because they are based neither on sound science nor sound evidence.

They are cheap leveragers and wreckers of peace-making international structures for their very few closed deals that promote cults of ego abroad.

Recent research indicates that large-scale wind and solar farms in deserts positively enhance the land-climate cycle with increases in precipitation in dry areas as well as slight and insignificant increases in temperature at night only in local areas near the farms or parks.

Politicians and appointees in back pockets of dirty oil and fossil fuels ignore sound science and block at present ongoing improvements in transmission and efficiencies while the quality of our air and water spiral downward with increases in oil and coal production and use.

Once again ongoing appointment confirmations at EPA cannot continue without fair due process and acknowledgment of reality by our top appointees.

This small corrupt group of cartels and oligarchs cannot hide from mandatory reform to clean up their abysmal carbon-emissions that poison our planet and ruin the quality of our life if left unchecked.

One event this past week in my commuting illustrates these points at local levels. As I was riding up a steep ascent a dated oil tanker from a local LLC was waiting at the end of a drive after filling up a home furnace with oil for the winter season.

Instead of waiting for me to pass, the driver negligently and irresponsibly accelerated out in front of me, and gased me with an overwhelmingly noxious amount of poisonous fumes that continued on for several minutes as the tanker lumbered down the country road spewing more poisonous fumes.

I had to back off and was not able to get down the license number through the fog of pollution and poison that threaten the usually robust autumnal flora of orchards and pumpkin patches in the area.

Many people in outlying areas continue to be duped by duplicitous high politics that threaten the next generation more and more.

Many continue to be unwilling to voluntarily make changes to improve their own pollution levels as well as drive in a more humane manner (including not honking wildly when one is minding their own legal right to three-feet or yelling like wild caged dogs at mature yielders) without more regulation.

These people contend even in local courts that this is here and we do not have a problem. We’ve always done it this way, etc., ignorant of the changing planet from their own actions.

The more we practice limiting emissions to improve our climate, the stronger, more productive and successful we become in our endeavors to limit and to mitigate harmful consequences of these behaviors.

Scott Pruitt’s mishandling of taxpayers funds and poor choices overall that failed to protect and to defend our most precious resources must not be forgotten moving forward with senate confirmation hearings of incompetent and unimpressive status-quo-minded appointees temporarily at the helm of the EPA as well as illegally acting special counsels without due process.

Any new appointees in the EPA must publicly acknowledge that not only does climate change exist but that they are committed and obligated to meet the Paris Accord targets for the next generation's livelihood as well.

The Earth and its resources are stewarded by all of us and all leaders have an obligation to protect our livelihood and prosperity with decisions based on evidence and sound science for better results.

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