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Speaking Out on the Wheel for Sound Science to Save Our Way

As we ride on closer to the truth on our issues and learn the facts to promote more sound policies, we review reports and journals too to provide decision makers with the language they need to make better laws.

This past week’s IPCC report should be used to push to reverse disturbing new trends that would ruin our quality of life.

As the world’s energy consumption increases by 30 percent to 2040 we need to have in place established consumption of clean-energy sources to avoid catastrophic consequences from climate change.

At our current rate of ignorance and foolishness, we are on track for 3-degree celsius temperature increases compared to the UN climate structure’s sound-science warning of 1.5 percent that would likely protect our way of life.

The catastrophic consequences at 3 degrees are chilling and real. 10 cm increases in sea level would decimate coastal areas where hundreds of millions of people reside. Near extinction of coral reefs and desertization of crop lands would significantly reduce food production too as rain patterns continue to shift to the poles.

But there is also much that is still not known in regard to complex relationships in nature. For example, dangerous feedback loops, including thawing of permafrost regions the size of Mexico would now also create concomitant increases in methane and harmful gases that would further increase temperatures.

The Trump administration’s policies are irresponsible and short-sighted in this regard as we have become the number one producer of oil through fracking and also increased natural gas and coal production to allegedly become independent from foreign producers.

However, increasing risks to the real dangers of climate change as we see more and more with extreme weather events demand energy independence with renewable and clean sources of energy not small, narrow-minded and lethal fossil-fuel driven policies that ruin our way of life more and more.

Currently only 15 percent of our energy consumption comes from renewables as many people tune-out signing up for renewable energy that should be mandated by enlightened decision-makers. Debunk your mind and be free.

Even China understands these realities as it has moved to become the leader in electric-car production and wind-energy production and moves ahead with the belts and road initiative along a new silk road with smarter and timelier policies.

It’s not ok and one’s actions are truly eloquent and can make the difference between a poor quality of life and far better.

Fossil fuels need be phased out of existence far sooner, cars made electric as well as trains and other modes of transport need be electric. Intermittency can be offset with fast improving battery technologies in part.

Regulation supported, proposed and implemented by people that can see through dirty fossil fuels, can allocate instruments for faster and smarter restructuring of our energy industry.

The Trump administration’s recent elimination of the center for environmental research is a grave error that would dangerously weaken our policies that defend the foundation of our living standards and way of life in a changing world with sound scientific facts.

One of its missions is to study and learn more about chemical effects on people in our society. This is even more critical now as incidences of diseases related to climate change are increasing dramatically with new evidence developing daily.

Once again these dangerous actions should be checked by Congress as well as the judicial branch and people at the polls.

Polluters no longer have the right to pollute without paying fully for cleanup now.

A recent study in Science confirms that carbon taxes worldwide reduce fossil-fuel use which of course reduces harmful emissions that kill people. Countries with higher taxes use less fossil fuels overall.

Measurements are all well and good but industries respond only to higher taxes to make necessary changes that benefit and improve the quality of public resources, including fresh air.

The US came in 11th place for covering costs related to carbon pollution with taxes in a recent global report. This shows that US consumers are subsidizing polluters far too much and a responsible and conscientious government should take necessary action.

More objective, independent facts are our friends and protect our quality of life but mean little if people fail to act to defend and to improve our way of life with the information.

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