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Strengthening Environmental and Health Regulations Through Personal Examples

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US Senate subcommittee on treaties should begin work to ratify as soon as possible the Laws of the Sea Convention so that the US may file submissions for claims on resources extending beyond the EEZ.


Without ratification it is losing out on rights to trillions of dollars in natural resources, including oil in the Amerasian basin, to Denmark, Canada and Russia. A US team is completing scientific research on these resources at this moment.


It should also more seriously consider negotiating and implementing hassle-free, 72-travel corridors when traveling from one US city to another through a foreign government territory All too often these trips can be delayed and inconvenienced by arbitrary border guards no following the letter and spirit of international human rights law.


EPA should consider setting up independent watchdog groups at state and local levels to investigate among other things that procurements not only meet stricter environmental guidelines that reduce ongoing increases in harmful chemical emissions that poisons our water, soil and air, but also that they are openly and fairly advertised and decided.


State and local government purchasers have a reputation for illegally resisting change and unfairly discriminating against state of the art building materials especially in highway construction where more can be done with sustainable and renewable surfaces.


Higher percentages of state and local budgets, as well as federal, should also be set aside for non-combustion-engine projects to improve our health and quality of life.


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