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While Europe and many parts of the world are embracing modern passenger train travel and what it can become with ambitious projects, including Malmo-Palermo, knowledgeable transportation professionals in the interior of the US are struggling with backward and laggard state bureaucracies that deny climate change and drag their feet at more ambitious multi-modal, climate-sensitive passenger train travel projects.

For example, Madison, WI and a surrounding area of approximately 500,000 residents has been without regular direct-passenger train travel since the current national passenger rail system, submerged in debt and run by another inefficient and ineffective non-profit organization, was created with outdated legislation in 1970.

Forward-thinking leaders in the region had worked hard with public good in mind to gain approval for federal funding in 2009 for USD 800 million that included infrastructure and a direct-passenger train stop and service in the region.

But the current lame-duck governor inexplicably on grounds of sound facts and interests of public good continues to reject the bare-bone, frugal amendments to the plan and all the benefits, including more secure and good-paying jobs, increases to property values, framework for development corridors for future growth to service hard-working, tax-paying residents with more dynamic, eco-friendly transportation, guided only by highly subjective internecine back-water, false-pride that ignored the public good and federal funding in the first place.

There is no sound argument for not having a direct-passenger train stop in this region. The 45 drive by bus or car to service at present is not the norm in the middle of the United States. Boulder has a stop and is only 25 minutes from Denver for one of several examples.

We have garnered more than 110 signatures and the number is growing to move forward diligently at our own cost on our own time to make sure the region is not left out of the Surface Transportation Act being debated and amended in US Congress at present where two US senators that represent the region claim membership on a sub-committee to fix surface transportation.

Economist writers often suggest that more change can occur at state and local levels in the US in the current wave of “passing the buck” from federal authority but forget that entitled bureaucrats and state workers lack fundamental knowledge and skills to value, appreciate and implement conscientiously such projects to fruition that offer security, new jobs, growth, etc. proving time and again that they are concerned or motivated for nothing more than one’s job and no nothing of defending and undefended public good.

They regularly unprofessionally and unethically fail to work with enlightened pro-bono professionals who have the knowledge and skills to make change occur continuously stonewall by not paying invoices for services rendered per statutes in a professional and timely manner per il esempio.

Richard Sleder

Founder and CEO

Millennium Building Systems

Chicago, USA

Prague, Czech Republic

Riga, Latvia

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