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Thinking and Moving Forward to More Prolific Production in One’s Pursuits to Clean Our Air

Life is moving forward from evil to good. We are traveling, riding and improving our world one person at a time with our words, actions or choices of transport.

We are focusing on improving life for many and becoming more whole, fulfilled and centered in the lane as well.

Riding on two wheels and using eco-transport, multi-modal transportation options, we are reducing emissions, flowing more freely from one type of transport to the next, moving swiftly and smoothly from departures to arrivals, and actively completing legs of trips.

Biological benefits of movement to improving one’s mood are well known, including increasing serotonin levels to naturally improve one’s mood and state of mind and being.

While moving human beings have unlimited and as yet untapped and unknown abilities to cope with highly complex problems and interrelationships at faster rates and feel stronger and in more control with benefits from a larger, dynamic global presence.

Commuting and riding is highly active. Writing about it and life pursuits at prolific levels demands active tense, including present continuous for best results in one’s pursuits.

Active tense and voice catapults people forward to accomplish amazing goals and objectives, etc.

Many people travel alone without other sources of support for inspiration at hand on occasion and look to environment for value.

Cognitive voice directs one’s actions as well as moving projects to swift clear completions.

When all is not so well in one’s world and one embarks on any change through believing and continuing action, one can beat lazy, old status-quo whoa grasping at nothing more than a chair arm pining away final days in denial and ignorance of our changing climate and catastrophic consequences of continued carbon increases when they could contribute to a more cavalier legacy of stronger more thorough de facto environmental oversight of transportation pollution.

Good karma carries the day in the global world of today. Deeds ring louder than words on one’s judgement day as one rallies to conscientiously and to actively solve pressing problems of the day.

We see a growing number of people not receiving proper services, including non-polluting or lower carbon transport options that would better benefit society through improving horrible and poisonous air quality in many places by reducing the amount of cars with grossly inefficient and no longer sustainable internal-combustion engines.

Sadly sleepier places stubbornly continue to widen lanes incomprehensibly ignorant of the call of smart, sound science and the disasters of inclement demand where widening roads actually has the effect of increasing vehicle traffic over time with more capacity and further ruining our air quality.

Deteriorating ozone levels from increasing carbon have less ability to protect us from more calamitous weather events, including but not limited to rain patterns moving away from the Earth’s center to the poles and documented rising sea levels.

Any further lane expansions anywhere should require tasit EPA oversight approval in this worsening climate. Polluters should be made to pay through increased user fees, etc. for increased insurance rates and associated costs in flood zones too.

Enjoy developing your own strategy and steps to benefit and to improve society and enjoy taking on more of the work on your own in your own way and time too. You see the effects of poor design in your daily commuting, take notes with experience and vision and advocate positively forward to defend in the spirit of 2020.

Thriving on independence and self-reliance improved with walking and riding, as well as supporting in various ways low-to-no carbon transport, one develops a stronger voice and vision as well as strength to act to protect our most precious resources of clear air, clean water and environment to comply with the Paris Accord to a safer more secure future.

Follow through on your words with good deeds and continue pushing for changes in policies, focusing on real costs of status-quo blite of pollution.

For example, the US administration’s surrendering to ignorance of isolation in the 21st century and pulling out of the Iran nuclear proliferation treaty that fails to see peaceful civilian pursuit and uses of more secure and low carbon energy by Iran has caused gas prices to increase by 25-30 percent in many places and making the commute of many far more expensive and less secure and stable as this administration passes the buck to the people more and more.

The world is a far safer and stronger place with our global presence and wisdom than without.

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