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Time is Now to Stop Derailing Passenger Rail

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The fact that Amtrak has not been able to at the very least implement two-mile passing zones in many places in the middle of the country on behalf of commuters and passengers that continue to have to wait for hours-long delays behind slower freight is unlawful and discriminating against passengers who should have equal rights to direct passenger rail per ERA.

The investment provides more bang for the buck in terms of benefits to costs but the fact that it continues to go undone in the name of people as petitioners as well as passengers and consumers for more than ten years is inexplicable.

The zero-sum mentality and overwhelming discriminatory subsidization of freight at FRA at the cost of passenger rail and ongoing ignoring of passengers’ civil rights to direct passenger rail must stop especially when considering overwhelming merits in favor of benefits to costs in our changing climate.

Brightline’s business model banking on breaking even if only 0.4 percent of travelers swap in one car commute for a train commute each year is a shining example of busting a failing NGO mentality in passenger rail.

As panel reviews continue on at FRA, panel members need to apply a fairer and more accurate accounting of costs in changing climate in all phases of production and transportation, i.e., reducing congestion to reduce ongoing increasing emissions that are proven to increase not only frequency but also intensity of extreme weather events.

These upgrades should be made as soon as possible to mitigate further damage from climate change as well as providing basic services to petitioning people and to growing consumers.

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