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Traveling Internationally on Multi-Modal Transport

Labdien from Riga!

Dobre rano,


Please keep in mind when traveling to Prague especially on a value budget, there is excellent public transport from the airport into the center of Prague where you can save on expensive taxi fares in excess of USD 25. Follow the signs and streams of fellow travelers along the airport exit to the street for city transport.


The 119 autobus makes several runs each hour starting at 5 or so in the morning until just past midnight most days from the airport to the Nadrazi Veleslavin metro station on the west end of the green line with good connections to the rest of Prague and especially the center sites for approximately USD 1 at the time of this write.


Tickets can be purchased at a vending machine at the stop with a credit card or with Czech crowns. But the machines do not always work especially smoothly so consider paying the driver of the bus once on board. In reality, however, many travelers ride for free as there seem to be few and rare on-board inspections of late.


Inspections are standard and regular in Riga, Latvia however. Riding the suburban electric trains, you will be asked for your ticket from a conductor without fail who stamps the ticket and returns it to you. Inspections are very thorough and friendly.


A round trip suburban train ticket from Centrala Stacija, the central train station in Riga, to the sea resort region and beaches of Jurmala, for example, costs approximately €2.5 round trip for the 35-45 minute scenic ride.


Many train cars also have special yellow hangers that fit three bicycles side-by-side at the exit-entrance. Enjoy the punctuality of suburban train service in Latvia as well.


In Riga the 222 autobus and 222 shuttle van both run to the airport, or lidosta in Latvian, several times per hour throughout the day and leave from a clearly numbered stop on the edge of Vseriga, old town, near November 11 Krastmala opposite the train station, Origo and Stockmanns. The shuttle van costs €2 and you can pay the driver on board if you have no local transport tickets.


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