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Trump Makes Wrong Choice Again for Eco-Transportation

While pedaling through international mobility week that commenced with international car-free day on Saturday, it has become increasingly clear that the US administration’s eco-transportation policies are entirely inadequate and not founded on sound science in any sense.

On the one hand, they are downsizing the central government and passing more responsibilities off on state and local governments that lack bright, current leadership, training, education and funding to master growing challenges of our time.

Furthermore, their actions do not match words in supporting small businesses to step in to this vacuum to fill needs that also benefit our society for proper compensation for work performed.

Small businesses with superior pro-bono professionals often times are discriminated against in funding competitions in favor of local governments.

For example, recent Build transportation grants were limited to only state and local governments, when private entities have the skills and abilities and experience to develop far more dynamic, impressive and efficient solutions than bureaucrats and for less.

On the other hand, small businesses may play a role as a catalyst to spurn on sluggish local and state bureaucrats to take on more projects with the people's health and wellbeing at heart.

Local and state governments are very inflexible for the most part and unwilling to work openly and fairly with small businesses. All too often close-minded functionaries are happy to accept and to use intelligence from small businesses to improve policies and take all the credit but cover themselves in arbitrary and ad-hoc ways regarding compensating justly for services rendered to improve policies or establish mutually beneficial relationships in an open and forthright manner.

They fail to return phone calls after using refined intelligence or only call after being reprimanded through filing time-consuming official complaints to superiors.

States and local functionaries take their lead from the top. If the top continues to foolishly and ignorantly deny growing costs of climate change, they send a message for like-minded bureaucrats to be irresponsible as well in regard to increasing incidents of diseases and illnesses from carbon emissions now proven with ongoing sound, evidence-based research.

The recent appointment of a non-current, out-of-touch climate-change denier as top advisor to the president on climate and national security that has been touted as the most-delayed appointment in US presidential history once again fails to show the people that the administration cares about our future and the future of our children.

William Happer is more concerned with questionable carbon benefits for animals than the troubling and dangerous increases in incidences of respiratory illnesses and deaths as well as cardiovascular ailments directly caused by carbon pollution as well as ongoing research that proves carbon causes diminishing cognitive function in men as well as asthma and poor health in small children.

Environment is the foundation of our national security. This being said, the Senate should bipartisanly not confirm this appointment.

How can we meet our international obligations to friends and allies with this type of leadership by deniers that as history shows time and again in the long term only exacerbate relations and make matters far more complex and costly for many from ignorant policies executed by foolish politicians and bureaucrats.

More evidence-based confirmation of climate-change with melting polar caps and glaciers leading to higher ocean water levels is on the way with the impending launch of IceSat 2 monitoring that makes the US administration look even more backward and foolish for disrespecting its people.

A government in our time should first and foremost represent and take care of people before animals and understand that much more is being done but can also be done to reduce emissions from fossil fuel source-to-air production and consumption.

Administration’s in denial are dangerous and make our future far more perilous.

New research, for example, on global warming’s effects on coastal wetlands may be seen in a very deep and positive light if we understand and believe while our leadership begins to demand as well as to personally embody and exemplify that we can work with nature to guide through far more nature-based accommodation spaces through upscaling existing coastal defenses to protect growing coastal populations from increasing sea-level rise.

Sic transport gloria mundi.

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