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Uncovering Fraud to Better Reduce Emissions and Save Lives

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Delays, frauds and criminal business practices have tainted the NSF selection process as well as exposed flaws in our strategy in dealing with the growing danger and destruction of extreme weather events.


This past July the deadline at NSF for submissions to reduce emissions expired inviting requests for proposals or RfPs from experts to reduce the amount of harmful emissions in the United States.


In order to achieve a solution, it was imperative to follow up proactively with submissions to determine team members and co-directors as well as finding that our response did not end up in the appropriate specialty. The co-director of the team where the proposal was routed advertises a physics background in product development.


Our independent expertise offers measuring and monitoring of the present amount of harmful emissions on Earth, too, and not only from space from prohibitively expensive satellites, because current satellite technologies actually have serious flaws, including the inability to measure such emissions near, in and around mountains as well as tall buildings in crowded large city centers where a large percentage of emissions emanate around the world.


And therefore, at this moment, our data is flawed and corrupt exposing plans and forecasts that leave our civilization in great danger because of weak scientific, corrupt misrepresentations based on unobjective undynamic foundations too heavily and mistakenly reliant on greed, corrupt and suspect contacts in satellite industrial complexes that criminally and dangerously flaw our ability to predict and to protect people from increasing in intensity as well as frequency extreme weather events.


We also offer competitive acquisitions of mobile hand-held mechanisms and the establishment of independent civilian networks to improve weaknesses and poor standards and predictions based on dynamic, more complete, more reliable and sound data to cover these gaffs to better predict extreme events in the weather, save lives and limit damage and suffering that are now expected in the next 10 years to surpass 400 million deaths worldwide, according to recent UN climate-change structure data, due to ongoing increases in burning of fossil fuels around the world in violation of the Paris Accord from particularly India, China and the USA.


After several phone conversations and emails with program co-director Ben Schrag as well as the Board of Directors, Schrag in October in a phone conversation indicated we were finalists and on my petitions for urgent funding to cover emergency costs, said we would agree.


We also agreed to begin submitting monthly reports with far more detail of our ongoing professional work and services as a courtesy pro bono based on the guidelines in the project submission as well as our belief in the urgency of our work and respect for weaknesses in policy and strategies guiding the current administration.

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