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Wearing Down Defense Against Truth and Justice to Secure a Better Future for Оur Children

A Voyage to Truth and Justice is Underway

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Our historic allies can do much more in terms of gaining tacit assurances that Donald Trump will support HR9 to gain critical Senate approval as well as votes necessary to carry the historic act into law in the coming weeks.

HR9 would require immediate mandatory compliance with fossil-fuel emission levels per UN Climate-Change Structure and Paris Accord to urgently begin reducing these increasingly deadly, costly and harmful emissions at once through member compliance with US oversight.

Prince Charles’ conversation with Trump regarding his concerns for the future well being and prosperity of children at the current rate of fossil-fuel emissions, spurred on by the US, is an important beginning in wearing down the President’s defenses as well as exposing ignorance, regarding misunderstandings related to weather and climate, and gaining mandatory concessions for our children’s future security, health and safety with verbal commitments from Trump walking and standing all the way if need be that the US President will actively support this bill through the Senate and into law.

The power of truth, ethics and principles with valor shall ratify this law not for one but for our children’s future and posterity as well as our own and spur good, sound growth in E-3 industries.

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