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While Orbiting One's Targets

Keep in mind the stringent and comprehensive UN climate-change structure that projects a minimum of USD 3.5 trillion invested in clean energy annually until 2050 to meet the Paris Agreement’s 2.0 celsius temperature increase compared to pre-industrial levels.

As the latest ESA data confirm the Universe is expanding and everything, including billions of stars, are in movement. Movement and mobility invigorate and improve one’s pursuits as well.


Unrelenting demonstration of the threat to our way of life with sound, smart climate-change science is necessary to lead public opinion to achieve funding mandated by UN climate-change protocols.

Benefits to following smart climate-change planning to avert disasters and dangers are neither distant nor nebulous but here and now in terms of mitigating disaster in financial terms especially as well as improving quality of life in our outdoors.

New studies confirm for example that coastal regions in the US are flooding twice as much as they had been 30 years ago.

Emerging new studies continue to show that following the UN protocols would decrease by 300 percent the number of people affected by flooding in these areas that worldwide are relatively densely populated compared to continuing down our current path of temperature increases that increase water levels due predominantly to melting of glaciers.

Climate-change need not be seen as partisan. Scientific facts are objective. It is quite another matter that many choose to deny reality and as a result continue to harm our way of life and the next generation as well by not seeing it as a positive challenge to overcome that creates new jobs and healthier culture, etc. Generations throughout history overcome challenges that define their time and existence on Earth. We are defining our own at these moments.

Elderly generations can be far more open to investing in a clean-energy future in many ways, including through supporting renewables for example where all energy in the home comes from only clean energy and making that choice as well as walking more or riding an ebike or e-scooter for their own health and invigoration and enjoy the health and strength of providing a better world for the next generation with these simple acts.

It’s ridiculous to see a teenager driving a large 8-cylinder convertible through a nature preserve in our time when they should be made to understand their own destructive relationship with nature far better as well as paying completely for their own cleanup moving forward.

Brett Kavanaugh or any replacement to Anthony Kennedy should also be questioned comprehensively regarding their opinions on the objective scientific facts supporting climate change and global warming as well as taking a judicial advocacy position in terms of government and private sector responses to climate-changing realities, including meeting the UN climate change protocols spending recommendations of USD 3.5 trillion yearly to save our air quality as well as our quality of life and pursuit of happiness and prosperity.

Kavanaugh’s draconian record in our era of climate-change indicates he would not support such spending as he has criticized EPA for not considering business costs of regulating power plants. Actually his opinions hadn’t considered thoroughly requiring cutting-edge and improving filter technologies, etc., or real comprehensive costs of pollution to society, including increasing cases of emphysema and bronchitis among elderly and asthma among children. 

Choose your own battles and take your best shots with unrelenting follow-up to wins leading to larger victories that many more can share and enjoy.

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