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WI Continues to Ignore our Trails and Users' Health and Transportation Needs in Winter

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Last December while riding through WI as I researched material on the wheel for my latest book Cycling and Prolifics in Life at 10,000 Miles that was published from abroad this past April, I worked with WI DNR employees to open a gate that had been closed in late fall impeding the winter use of trails for tax-paying patrons for health as well as transportation reasons which becomes especially acute in this region in winter time when the trails, including MRT in the photo above, are most needed for health reasons.

It is disturbing and disappointing after communicating this information regularly to WI DNR employees this winter while riding through directing various not-for-profit E3 projects that benefit transportation, health as well as environment, employees continue to ignore our requests to clear snow from MRT that continues to impede use for tax-paying patrons for health and transportation needs year-round.


The picture above was taken today and evidences the trail being impassable and unusable for tax-paying user patrons.

In our last email exchange last week, I pointed out that MRT had not been plowed and requested that it be plowed on at the very least a secondary basis for users to enjoy for health as well as transportation reasons.

One employee indicated that they were not clearing snow for snowmobiles. The trail as indicated in the signage above restricts motor vehicles.

I also pointed out that motor vehicles are restricted for critical reasons, including ruining the trails by creating ruts for pedestrians and bicyclists that are dangerous and lead to falls and injuries.

Fumes and unnecessary noise also threaten the sensitive microclimate that WI has a strong and proud history as a leader in protecting.

But at present MRT which enjoys strong user support, including from commuters to Verona from Madison and back impedes in its unkept state this important source of transportation and health renewal in fresh air and nature when it is most needed for health, wellbeing and thrifty production of residents.

The photo above from Reddit bicycling commuting shows a school in Oulu, Finland this past week with temperatures at -17c.

Oulu is similar in population to Madison but has a much stronger ethos for winter commuting and maintaining trails to not impede their residents for health, transportation and environmental reasons from using trails and streets in winter when their need is most strongly felt by many residents.

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