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Winning the War on Climate Change with Clean Energy

To win the war on climate change with clean energy one must understand the current momentum in science to see energy in holistic and biodegradable terms. In law and politics, it is coming down to proving that pollutor’s have no right to harm another’s well being.

Continuing increases in deaths due to air pollution, increases in emphysema and bronchitis in elderly and now asthma in children have all been linked to ongoing pollution and it is becoming legally unacceptable.

New forces for clean energy that create healthy jobs that secure our future prosperity and happiness need no longer run up against old languishing interests lost in history that refuse for example to even support renewables and our clean future.

Due to the Trump’s administration’s policies, renewable consumption is on the downturn and coal is on the increase.

One aspect of funding to fight climate change and improve the quality of our life is turning the negative effects of carbon emissions into positive enhancements to improve products especially building materials used in construction and means of transportation, including bicycles and lighter and more efficient autos and other vehicles made of carbon that can be repaired for far less cost.

We need to also work with less developed parts of the world to develop their cleaner energy, especially China and India. For example, India’s current electrical grid is 80 percent dependent on coal and in violation of the Paris Agreement due to its rail, banking and industry addiction to coal.

However, some more enlightened clean energy countries are moving forward to zero-carbon production for steel and other materials and even negative-carbon cement production. Therefore, international organizations, including the WTO, should take stronger measures for known high-carbon produced goods with tariffs or sanctions that can generate revenue to develop non-carbon sources of production in these countries over time.

The Trump administration’s plan to cut by 76 percent research on carbon-capture technologies and clean-energy technology is not prudent when considering recent increases in carbon in the US and worldwide. Congress should veto such cuts as well as pass funding to enable geoengineering to develop known technology to reflect the sun’s growingly harmful rays away from Earth and back into space.

With these realities, politicians should espouse much further electrification in transport as an important solution and work harder to see that its infrastructure is developed in a far more timely manner and in such volumes as a new TVA of our time to provide healthy jobs that offer a sense of bringing our generation and future generations cleaner healthier air and improve quality of life as well as reach older voters with the gravity and seriousness of the matter.

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