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Working to Expand Passenger Rail Service

Leaders Need to Focus

City Mayor Ignores Tax-Payer Good

Nine years and counting since Madison, WI lost funding for an Amtrak passenger rail stop in Madison.

Milwaukee now has 22 daily runs to Chicago.

Boulder has a direct Amtrak stop although they are only 25 miles from Denver.

Tallahassee, the capital of Florida, has rebuilt their infrastructure after Katrina and leaders there continue to work aggressively and conscientiously with Amtrak and their residents to have the train back on line in 2018.

In Oklahoma, cities are actively petitioning Amtrak and/or drafting and passing resolutions to bring direct passenger rail stops to their cities, including Tulsa.

The time is now for the mayor to work more aggressively with the Wisconsin congressional delegation to achieve fair, just and equitable funding, for example per capita regionally, for a simple Amtrak train stop in Madison on a longer line from Washington, DC, through Chicago and onward to Minneapolis and out west.

Please sign the petition to WI US Senators who are both members of the Senate Sub Committee on Fixing Surface Transportation at to continue more actively working with leaders to bring cleaner, multi-modal transportation options to the region and to provide strong, sound leadership by the people and for the people.

An Amtrak direct passenger rail stop improves greatly our infrastructure to provide taxpayers with vibrant transportation options in the spirit of 2020 to better protect our city and to provide more jobs, to benefit local businesses and to also protect our planet with a national heritage monument in the spirit of forward.

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