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Working with People and Interests to Improve our Climate

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As hitters gun to breakaways…

The recent Science le bilan of the Paris Agreement fails to mention ongoing increases in disease, illness as well as destruction and death from ongoing increases in emissions. Electorates need to be reminded more regularly of the real costs of not fulfilling the 2015 landmark mandate to encourage changes in individual compliances.

Reducing emissions by 3 - 5 percent beginning now for all signatory nations, as the Science analysis estimates, would place us back on track for sound air quality, soil and water safeguards as well as necessary mitigation from increases in intensity and in frequency of extreme weather events but this need not be extensive as the article points out or complicated to reach more people.

Arguments relying on the unquestioningly superior moral authority of improving one’s one carbon footprint with simple, responsible actions through one’s day such as swapping in a bicycle, e-bus or train commute for a car commute each month may reach this goal with global spirit and peace of mind as well as responsible consumer choices related to plastics and renewables.

Relying on hypothetical BECCS and CDR technologies to clean our precious resources in one non-psychophrenic world is a false and erroneous hope for researchers to garner more resources.

I was pleased that the article once again returns to timeless virtue and wisdom of conservation with a call to citizens to reduce their consumption of fossil fuels.

Reliance on the pipe dream of BECCS and CDR only dig us deeper into poorer climate, as data and facts of the last four years clearly prove, by ignoring the culprit of ongoing increases in fossil fuels and the recalcitrance of industries to innovate with cleaner energy production and snoozing to a highly unlikely hollywood happy ending.

NDCs are all well and good but corrupt local governments and interests cannot be relied on in and by themselves to make tangible reductions in harmful emissions without international observation, monitoring and compliance mechanisms through transnational bodies spurred on by the will and dedication of individuals.

In this regard the recent Filipino legislation to mandate high seniors to plant ten trees before graduating meets the goal of instilling civic spirit and calls to concrete action to improve our planet in children at early ages to develop critical habits and skills to thrive in their future pursuits of happiness and liberty.

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