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Yielding for Stopping Law Momentum Accelerates as Three States Pass Laws in Past Year Alone

· Two Wheels Defending

Based on the successful precedent of the 1982 landmark Idaho Stop law that reduced not ironically bicycle fatalities by 14.5 percent in its first year alone, more states are drafting, lobbying and successfully adopting similar legislation.

In October 2018 Delaware adopted a milder version. But this past year in April, Arkansas and in June Oregon passed laws more in the spirit of the successful Idaho Stop law.

Proponents of the law in California are battling unfounded opponents with arguments led by corrupted special interests that fail to acknowledge reality that the individual should have the right to determine at an intersection when it is safe to pass through without stopping needlessly for various more sound reasons, including health ones as starting and stopping has been proven to cause more stress on ligaments for users as well as saving time for all users to efficiently pass through intersections without confusion of starting and stopping among users due to uncertainty and to lack of confidence by any party.

Recently this writer has experienced more by local law enforcement uncustomarily stopping cyclists without warrant and without safety concerns. They say we are giving cyclists a bad name, and we think differently while we calmly educate regarding changing landscape in law.

Good guns are fine but calm, well thought words and fair and equal discussions can change minds anywhere.

More reason to pass such legislation to also not exclude stop lights where safe in spirit on international stop-light day.

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